Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Truth

Truth and integrity. There is no denying how important these values are to us as individuals. As police officers, we build our whole career on truth and integrity. The officers and detectives of Overland Park incorporate these values into their daily activities, but Detective Mike Mann spent many of his days dealing with truth and integrity at a different level.

Detective Mann began his career with the police department 33 years ago. He started work on the street, but quickly became part of a Directed Patrol Unit that would deal each day with specific, targeted problem areas. He eventually moved to the personnel department and spent the majority of his career as a polygraph examiner.

One might conjure up pictures and ideas of the polygraph examiner interrogating a suspect in a heinous crime. While he was a vital part of many investigations, the reality is Detective Mann spent most of his days as a gatekeeper, if you will, for the police department. You see, potential candidates in the police officer hiring process must go through a polygraph examination. Detective Mann ensured the officers who would serve this city possessed the required integrity.

For many years, Detective Mann conducted two to three-hour-long interviews to countless numbers of individuals. He never took a short cut and always took great pride in his work. He was, and always will be, dedicated to finding the truth. Yesterday we said goodbye to Detective Mann as he begins his investigation of retirement and finds the truth behind a little relaxation.