Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emergency Management Exercise

For the past three Mondays we’ve posted information and videos on this blog regarding emergency preparedness and tips on what to do before, during or after an emergency event. On Wednesday, March 28th, the employees of the City of Overland Park conducted a table-top emergency management exercise at the Command and Control Center.

The purpose of this exercise was to bring all departments of the city together in a coordinated effort to prepare for and respond to an emergency event that could hit our city in the future.

Today’s scenario simulated a tornado with devastating wind speeds in excess of 190 miles an hour. So far in 2012, there have been 200 tornadoes resulting in 55 fatalities. The storm season runs from April-June.

Department heads and various employees from all over the city discussed ways to handles issues resulting from this type of catastrophe. The exercise planned for emergency handling of damage to area hospitals, schools, and the basic infra-structure of the city’s services.

By conducting these exercises, the City of Overland Park can assure its citizens they will be prepared when disaster strikes.