Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My There Sure Are A Lot Of You Out Here Today

Mother Nature seems to have outdone herself this week with the weather. That, coupled with a few other events like Spring Break for several schools, the NCAA basketball events and the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, might prove to be a little bit of a distraction for some. There is one task in your life that officers across the metro today will hope to keep you focused on - driving.

Today is one of our Operation Impact days in the Kansas City Metro Area. Operation Impact started in 1990 and Overland Park was one of the six original participating agencies. Today, more than 40 different agencies will be out on the major highways and byways with the goal of making the roadways safer. They will be targeting aggressive driving, seat belt violations and other violations which cause accidents or increase the severity of accidents.

Surprising to some, we will sometimes see an increase in accidents when the weather turns nice. Remember, while it may be nice to roll the windows down and turn up the radio; focus on the task at hand when you are behind the wheel.