Tuesday, March 13, 2012

They’ll Steal Anything, Even Things that are Stuck in the Ground

Last week during the overnight hours, a midnight patrol officer was checking apartment complexes in his area of deployment when he observed a suspicious pickup truck driving through the parking lot.

The officer parked his patrol car nearby and watched. The driver left his vehicle running and went around the side of the building where there were no doors, only windows and air conditioning units.

The subject returned to his truck and placed something in the back bed. The officer eventually made contact with the driver, and as he was approaching the bed of the truck, he noticed numerous metal tree stakes in the back.

The officer was able to determine the subject was driving around in the middle of the night pulling the stakes out of the ground. The problem was these stakes were still wired to young trees to keep them growing straight.

Probable Cause was established to charge the driver with theft. Although the stakes may be in the ground, they’re still someone’s property, and taking them without their permission is a crime.