Thursday, March 29, 2012

Use Caution Dealing with Door-to-Door Salespeople

Today, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe issued a reminder to area residents to be extra cautious when dealing with people soliciting door-to-door.

The Overland Park Police Department and the Leawood Police Department have received several complaints regarding companies from out of state selling door-to-door magazines to its citizens.

In order to do business in Johnson County, transient merchants must first obtain a special permit before selling items. They also are required to give each customer a three-day right to cancel after a sale is made. District Attorney Steve Howe says that often times these businesses conduct sales in Kansas for a short period of time and then leave the area, making cancellation or resolution of complaints difficult. In some cases, citizens pay for magazines or other merchandise and never receive the product.

Howe also asks if you, or anyone you know, purchased magazines or donated money to door-to-door salesmen affiliated with Allied Group, Allied Magazine Sales, Absolute Marketing or Marquis Fulfillment Agency within the last two weeks, to please contact the Johnson County District Attorney’s Consumer Hotline at 913-715-3003.

Overland Park has an ordinance (OPMC 5.64) that addresses “door to door” solicitation. One of the main tenants of the ordinance states that if a NO SOLICITOR sticker is affixed to the front door, it is illegal for anyone to solicit at that residence. Other provisions specify the time of day solicitation is allowed, that being not before 10:00 am or after 9:00 pm. The ordinance also states solicitation is only allowed at the main entrance of the residence. Many other requirements are stated in the ordinance. NO SOLICITATOR stickers are available at Overland Park City Hall.