Thursday, April 5, 2012

Because Of You, I Walk The Line

It’s OK if you tell all your friends, really. Put it out on Twitter, Facebook or as a mass email. We’re fine with that. You can tell everyone you know that tomorrow night the Overland Park Police will be conducting another DUI saturation patrol event.

If you make the decision not to drink and drive because of your own personal beliefs, then wonderful! And, if the potential consequences or risk of being caught is enough to make someone rethink their decision, that works for us too. You see, the real goal is to ensure people don’t drink and drive. The officers who have committed to work the extra time and who will be seen working the enforcement do this to make sure we all get home safely.

So if you are out and about tomorrow and see someone standing on one leg or walking a line and you’re not, know that you made the right choice.