Friday, April 27, 2012

Recognition of Police Volunteers

The Police Department’s Annual Volunteer Dinner was held at the Overland Park DoubleTree Hotel. Since April is volunteer appreciation month, it’s a perfect time to honor the people who accomplish extraordinary things through service to their community.

Each volunteer was recognized for the contributions they provided throughout the department. Two of the volunteers were selected to receive special awards.

John Crume and Gus Ramirez

Reserve Sergeant John Crume was named the “Chaplain Mychal Judge Volunteer of the Year” for his dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the Overland Park Police Department. Sgt. Crume has been volunteering with the police department since 1983 when he began as a reserve officer.

Gus Ramirez received the “Georgia Erickson Community Service Volunteer Award” for his commitment as a member of the Civil Service Commission for the last 14 years. Gus began his career with OPPD in 1962 and served up until his retirement in 1988. During his career he served in a variety of capacities such as Officer, Detective, Field Sergeant, Lieutenant, and finally as a Division Commander.

Marie Lear retired this year after serving on the Civil Service Commission for 16 years and was recognized for her loyalty and commitment to the citizens of Overland Park.

The Police Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for civilians to become involved in many aspects of our department. These dedicated individuals are a wonderful resource and contribute so much to our ability to serve the citizens of Overland Park.