Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Showing a Little Restraint

Her bags are packed and she is ready to go. After a few days in the hospital she is looking forward to being home, even if that excitement is tempered by the anxiety of dealing with a brand new baby. There is just one more hurdle to overcome – the car seat. She stands at the window watching as her husband struggles. First the passenger side, then the driver side. Back and forth - in the car - out of the car - back in the car. Finally, success is apparent as he shuts the doors and heads back inside to retrieve mother and baby.

You get the nursery ready, buy tiny clothes and wash them in special detergent, and probably even buy toys that won’t be used for months, but you wait to get the car seat installed until the ride home. Don’t be this guy.

The Overland Park Police Department would even be happy to help. We offer free child seat education / installation inspections the first Wednesday of every month. This educational opportunity is done by appointment between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm at our Myron E. Scafe Police Building, 8500 Antioch Road and takes about 30 minutes.

Kansas Law requires infants be in rear facing seats. The latest recommendations from the American Pediatric Association suggests rear facing seats until age 2. Once they have outgrown their rear facing seat they can be in a front facing seat. From age 4 to age 8 they are required to be in a booster seat unless they are over 80 lbs or 4’9” or taller. After that, no booster seat is required but, as with all vehicle occupants in the State of Kansas, a seatbelt is required.

Start them out right with this good habit. Buckle them up and be a good example by buckling yourself up too.

For child seat education / installation inspections you can call 913-327-5677, extension 6419 or go to this link http://www.opkansas.org/OPCares/NoLocationForm.aspx?subjectid=aeb75bf2-28a4-dc11-a23f-001c23c7756f