Thursday, May 31, 2012

DUI Check Lane Announced for Friday, June 1st

The Overland Park, Kansas Police Department and several Kansas police agencies will be conducting a DUI Check Lane on Friday, June 1, 2012. This task is being conducted with the goal to reduce alcohol related auto accidents and discourage impaired driving within our communities.

The Overland Park Police Traffic Safety Unit will hold a briefing at the Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch, Overland Park, KS, prior to initiating the enforcement.
During the last Check Lane on May 11th:

• 673 vehicles entered the Check Lane

• 38 drivers were tested.

• 5 were cited for driving under the influence.

• 3 were were charged with drug possession

• 3 were arrested for transporting an open container.

The Department places a high priority on removing impaired drivers from our roadways. Please don't drink and drive. If you are out and choose to drink, call a taxi or have a designated driver.