Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have a Problem, Concern or a Request? Try OPCares

Do you have concerns about a pothole, inoperable traffic signal or street light, property code violations, speeding but are unsure of how to seek resolution of your problem?

Residents can go online and register a concern via the OPCares system at

By going online, you can submit the issue and track its progress by using a case number that is assigned electronically.

This program will allow a Web site visitor to select from a list of issues. Once the information has been entered by the customer, it will be routed automatically to the proper department for follow-up communication and action.

Personnel in city departments like Police, Fire, Parks, Public Works, Human Resources, City Manager’s Office, and Planning and Development Services at various locations will be able to access and easily share information regarding a reported issue and its resolution.

This tracking system will detail each customer’s interaction and will be archived, providing valuable information to us.

Providing excellent customer service has been an ongoing function of our daily operations. OPCares is another tool that provides more convenience and accessibility for customers and enhanced management of the concerns by employees and supervisors.