Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flashing Yellow Arrow Left-Turn Signal to Assist Traffic

Overland Park, KS - Carl Vanwinkle likes the blinking yellow arrow.

He thinks it may have helped avoid a vehicle accident that caused him serious injuries and changed his life.

Carl was a passenger in a car that was broadsided in March 2009 at the intersection of 127th Street and Antioch.

Overland Park Public Works crews are installing new signals at the intersection at 10 a.m. Wednesday that they hope will improve safety of drivers and passengers that make left turns.

This is Overland Park's first intersection that includes the flashing yellow arrow. Carl Vanwinkle will be there with his mother.

Drivers need to be keenly aware of the changes.

With the addition of a flashing yellow arrow, left turns are permitted and drivers must yield to oncoming traffic. The flashing yellow will change to a steady yellow arrow, alerting drivers to stop or prepare to complete your left turn if they are within the intersection before it turns red.

There are four arrows beginning with steady red, steady yellow, flashing yellow and then steady green.

"We hope that the new signals heighten awareness for drivers turning left," said Brian Shields, traffic engineer. "The signal change should help to reduce crashes."

Flashing yellow arrow left-turn displays have been adopted by the Federal Highway Administration and the Kansas Department of Transportation. The system is a new national and state standard for permissive left-turn operation.

Press Release Issued on 6/19/12 by City PIO Sean Reilly