Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Results of DUI Saturation – June 8th, 2012

The Overland Park, Kansas Police Department conducted a DUI Saturation Patrol on Friday, June 8, 2012. The DUI Saturation Patrol was conducted with the intent to reduce alcohol related auto accidents and discourage impaired driving.

The DUI Saturation Patrol was enforced between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM.

Please review the statistical results:

2 - DUI arrests

4 - Drivers tested for DUI

1 - Speeding

3 - Hazardous Moving violations

5 - Other tickets issued

1 - Lane Change violations

16 - Total vehicles stopped

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration:

Communities throughout America support increased criminal justice efforts to stop this illegal and life threatening offense. Studies show that the majority of Americans consider impaired driving one of our nation’s most important social issues, ahead of healthcare, poverty/hunger, racism and education. Nearly 97 percent of Americans view impaired driving as a major threat to the community. As a result, the majority of Americans support increased use of enforcement efforts, such as saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints, to protect innocent victims. And, two-thirds of Americans strongly endorse the use of stricter and more severe penalties against impaired drivers, to protect themselves and their loved ones.