Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aggressive Motorcyclist Campaign

This month several area police departments, including the Overland Park Police Department, will participate in an enforcement campaign focusing on aggressive motorcyclists. The campaign will allow for additional officers on both sides of the state line to take enforcement action on motorcyclists who operate their motorcycles in an unsafe manner.

Every year the Overland Park Police Department takes numerous complaints from our citizens and the motoring public associated to aggressive motorcycling and noise associated to motorcycles.

In May of 2011, the Overland Park Police Department was granted permission by the City Council to participate in the Law Enforcement Campaign against Aggressive Motorcycle Riding. Officers worked a total of 120 hours, issuing 121 hazardous moving violations.

In 2011, 29 accidents involving motorcycles occurred on our roadways, of which 21 were injury accidents. Nationwide, there were an estimated 4,500 motorcycle fatalities in 2011.

Because of economic reasons, the number of motorcycle riders is expected to increase. Among the growing population of motorcycle drivers are those who drive aggressively, often performing very dangerous “stunts”.

In 2010, the Governors Highway Safety Association reported speeding was a contributing factor in almost 30% of the fatalities reported. This grant, similar to others the Overland Park Police Department has received from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to enforce underage drinking laws, is specific to enforce laws associated to aggressive motorcycling.