Monday, July 2, 2012

Fireworks Reminder

If you watch either the local or national news channels, you’ve probably noticed that there is a growing list of communities that have decided to cancel their Fourth of July fireworks shows due to the extreme heat.

Fortunately for the citizens and visitors of Overland Park, the city’s fireworks show is scheduled to proceed this year.

The sale, possession or discharge of any fireworks in the city is illegal, but because of the extremely dry conditions we are currently experiencing from record high temperatures, we are once again reminding the public of the importance to refrain using personal fireworks.

On Wednesday June 26th, the Overland Park Fire Marshall issued a burn ban for the city because of the extreme heat and dry conditions. This ban includes open and recreational burning until further notice. Outdoor grilling is permitted, but cooks are urged to use extreme caution and be sure to have the means to suppress a fire.

Officers with the Overland Park Police Department will be out in full-force during the Fourth of July holiday and will be issuing citations to those found to be in violation of the city’s fireworks ordinance.

Each year fireworks are the cause not only of injuries, but also fires that destroy homes and businesses, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. You should know that you could be held financially responsible for damage you or your children cause.

The city of Overland Park invites you to come and see the Kansas City metro area’s largest fireworks display. For more information on this year’s Star Spangled Spectacular, click on the following link: