Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reminder to Keep Your Garage Door Closed

During the overnight and early morning hours, the Overland Park Police Department responded to three separate calls regarding open garage doors.

The first one occurred around 11:30 last night in the 9600 block of W. 124th Terrace. The homeowner saw three male juveniles attempting to enter his open garage. When he confronted them, they took off running and got into a waiting car.

The second incident happened around 1:15 a.m. in the 13700 block of Gillette. The homeowner received a call from a neighbor advising him that his garage door was open and one of his vehicles was missing from inside. The missing car contained a purse belonging to the homeowners.

The most recent theft occurred this morning around 7:20 in the 6300 block of W. 133rd Terrace. The homeowner opened his garage door to take his dog for a walk. After he got back, he went inside and did a few things for about 30 minutes. When he went back outside, he noticed his vehicle was then missing from inside the garage.

When you leave your garage doors open, you take the unnecessary risk of losing valuable items such as golf clubs, tools, unlocked vehicles and bicycles which are left in clear view to opportunistic thieves.

The three events illustrated above are just a few examples in which thieves can gain access to the valuables inside your garage and sometimes the interior of your home. In most cases, the garage door that leads inside the home is often not secured. This can increase the risk of property loss from inside or lead to an unwanted confrontation with residents.

Homeowners who keep garage doors open are more at risk to be victims of theft. Thieves see an open garage as a fast, easy target.