Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Accident Locations for the Second Quarter of 2012

This week, the Crime Analysis Unit published statistics showing the top accident locations in Overland Park for the second quarter of 2012.
If you’re familiar with most of the locations on that list, you’ll know that a good number of those have been under construction for a while now. Also keep in mind that these numbers include all the interchanges associated with each location, especially ones as big as I-435/Metcalf and I-435/Quivira. These larger intersections see a greater volume of traffic on a daily basis.

Statistics have long proven the fact that the number of accidents increase in work zones. That being said, it’s still the responsibility of each driver to remain focused at all times when they get behind the wheel. Many of the crashes in these areas are avoidable, and are generally caused by inattentive driving.

Officers with the Overland Park Police Department will continue to conduct their monthly accident and driver awareness campaigns in an ongoing effort to keep our roadways safe. The special attention given to various locations throughout the city is in hopes of reducing motor vehicle collisions through selective enforcement, education and deterrence.

The picture below shows the breakdown of accidents at I-435 & Quivira. On it you’ll notice how the accidents occurred, the type of accidents and several other factors. The total number of accidents shows to be 69 compared to 61 on the chart above. That’s because the map is pulling in a few more numbers farther out than our Crime Analysts do, but the information is still the same regardless.