Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Gracious Community

On yesterday’s blog I shared with you the arrest of a bank robber in Overland Park and the assistance the public played in capturing our suspect just a few miles down the road from the crime scene.

A short time after the arrest was made and the information was made public, I was notified by one of the patrol sergeants that an anonymous citizen had dropped off a number of gift certificates to a local sandwich shop. The gift cards were to be shared with members of the department for their efforts in the arrest.

While the gesture was very gracious and exemplified the qualities that landed Overland Park on Money Magazine’s list of top-ten places to live, I elected to donate the gift cards to a local charity.

The citizens of Overland Park are very proud of their city and the employees who work here, but the city has adopted a strict gratuity policy which we believe protects both the citizens we serve and our employees as well.

None-the-less, the generosity, care and consideration the public has had for our officers has been consistently strong throughout my entire career, and contributes in a major way to the city and what it is today.