Thursday, August 23, 2012

Consumer Scams and Frauds: Justin Bieber Tickets

On Monday August 20th, there were two walk-in station reports taken from victims of an apparent scam involving a concert at Sprint Center.

Both victims told us they responded to an ad on Craigslist regarding the sale of tickets to an upcoming Justin Bieber concert to be held in October.

A price was agreed upon and arrangements were made to meet the seller at a nearby location to make the exchange. The victims each paid $125.00 for the tickets and had no reason at the time to think the tickets were fake.

Later, when they got home and started examining the tickets further, they found the serial numbers to be the same. They contacted the ticket office at Sprint Center and received confirmation that the tickets were false.

There were originally three victims that came into the station to make a report, but one of the victims was sent to the Gardner Police Department because the transaction took place in that city.

There still may be additional victims involved with this scheme that have yet to be identified. We believe all three of the known victims were scammed by the same suspect. It is still unknown if there are other suspects out there as well.

Please use caution in the future by getting verification of the authenticity of concert tickets before buying from an individual seller.

The pictures above are one of the fake tickets purchased by the victims. The real tickets do not have a picture of Justin Bieber on them.