Friday, August 17, 2012

Education, Enforcement and Effort

If you’ve been a regular follower of this blog you would’ve noticed that the majority of the posts are usually something regarding traffic safety campaigns or driving while under the influence. Whether it’s a DUI check lane, saturation patrol, or one of our many traffic awareness campaigns, I firmly believe they’re making a positive difference within this community.

When I hear midnight officers telling me that the word is out not to drive drunk in Overland Park and how the number of people arrested for DUI have decreased, it reaffirms that our efforts to make the streets safer for everyone are paying off.
Not only have the number of DUI arrests gone down, the overall numbers of accidents have gradually declined over the last three years.
Let me assure you that we are still using the same resources that we have for the last five years or so, and the emphasis have not changed during that time. The key to our results have been the hard work by officers in this department and the ongoing enforcement and education campaigns.