Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nosy Neighbors can be a Good Thing

When you talk about “nosy neighbors” it’s generally considered to be an undesirable moniker placed upon people who like to pry into other peoples’ business.

In a lot of instances this is true, but from the police department’s perspective we think this can be somewhat of a good thing, when used in the right way of course.

Whether you live in an older, more established neighborhood or a brand new subdivision, chances are that there has, or will be, some type of crime occurring within the boundaries you call home.

The neighborhoods we’re discussing can be in a residential housing area, apartment communities, or even our hotel/motel businesses. These are all examples where crimes such as auto burglaries, auto thefts, vandalism, and residential burglaries can occur, day or night.

When it comes to “watching your neighbors”, the police department would like to ask everyone to be aware of what’s going on around them. This means keeping an eye on the vacant home across the street, suspicious people or vehicles in the neighborhood late at night, or watching out the window as some stranger is knocking on your neighbor’s door when you know they’re not home.

The police department has taken a couple of residential burglary reports recently that we believe began with a knock on the door, so paying attention to such activity can be helpful rather than intrusive.

These daytime burglaries are occurring when the occupants are gone and we believe the suspect will knock on the door to see if someone is at home. If no one answers, they will try to enter the home through a back door, if possible.

Last Friday morning officer’s responded to an attempted burglary of a residence where the homeowners were still inside the residence. The suspect apparently had rung the door bell an hour earlier before attempting to get inside the house. The suspect was scared away by the resident and left in a silver or gray four door vehicle, possibly a Pontiac.

This is just one example of the type of things to watch out for. Being a good neighbor is sometimes nothing more than looking out the window to see who’s knocking.