Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reality Based Training Continues

Two months ago officers of the Overland Park Police Department trained on civil disturbances and their reaction to these calls. This week they are taking it a step further with active shooter training.

This is not the first time we’ve trained with an active shooter scenario.  Several years ago we utilized an old movie theater for this same type of training. It was a good opportunity to train on something we hoped we would never have to actually use. Little would we know, another jurisdiction would be faced with this exact type of situation.

This time we will use a school setting. This will be complete with role players, simunition rounds and any type of chaos we may be able to replicate. The idea is to put the officers in that loud, noisy, and sometimes violent and out of control moment to help the learn how to react.

An active shooter story is not one we want the media to have to bring to you. However, through training and preparation, it is one I hope our officers would respond to effectively if they ever do have to face it.