Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3rd Quarter High Accident Locations (HAL’s)

Listed below are the top ten High Accident Locations for this quarter (thru September 30th), and it’s no surprise again that the majority involve areas where there is ongoing construction.

While this listing is a good indication of where crashes are most likely to occur on our city streets, some of the repeat offenders are simply there because of their high traffic volume.

All totals are year-to-date as compared to last year's YTD at the same time.
You can also see that there are some intersections that are no longer on the list, while a few new ones have moved up to take their places. This can be attributed to the extra enforcement placed upon those newly missing areas or quite possibly that construction has finished and things are back to normal.

Whatever the reason, a city of our size will always have a significant number of accidents. Accident reduction is achieved through education, such as this blog and media coverage, and through selective enforcement.

Officers with the Overland Park Police Department will continue to conduct their monthly accident and driver awareness campaigns in an ongoing effort to keep our roadways safe. The special attention given to these various locations throughout the city will hopefully reduce motor vehicle collisions.