Monday, October 15, 2012

Four New Officers Graduate Academy

Last Thursday, I had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony for the 104th class of the Johnson County Regional Police Academy. Among the 25 cadets graduating, there were four new officers from Overland Park who will begin their post academy training with the city on Monday.

The Johnson County Regional Police Academy is a 16 week course and recruits must show proficiency in tasks such as firearms, CPR, report writing and emergency vehicle operations. Their training consists of 64 hours dedicated to practical problems and more than 100 hours of fitness, health, defensive tactics and officer safety.

A few weeks from now they will actually be placed with Field Training Officers (FTOs). The cadets will put will they will put all their training to use under the watchful eye of an officer who will provide daily evaluations of their performance. The field training program lasts an additional 12 weeks, which they must successfully complete, before they are allowed out on their own.

I am proud to introduce the following four new Overland Park Police Officers.
Officer B. Perdue #1028
Officer R. Scattergood #1029 
Officer A. Ward #1030
Officer S. Fernandez #1031