Monday, November 12, 2012

Don’t Allow Criminals Easy Access to Your Car

With temperatures dropping we are reminded of a trend we’ve experienced many times in the past. Our Crime Analysis Unit compiled information on “idling stolen autos” and indicate there have been 24 such stolen autos over the last two winters. With this information in mind, we want to share an important auto theft prevention tip for the upcoming cold weather season.

For many years, it has been suggested to warm a vehicle before driving. According to current research, today’s sophisticated engine management systems require no warm up. By foregoing the warm up you will save gas, money and may reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim.

Leaving your car running unattended is also against the law. City ordinance 12.04.107 prohibits running a vehicle unattended with the keys in it unless a remote-starter is being used.

Stolen autos are not the only cold weather problem for our city. Some of you might have already experienced frost and ice buildup on your windshields in the morning. The ice always seems to be the thickest when we are running a little late.

Please take time to clear your windshield before you depart for your destination. If you don’t clean your windshield, it causes your vision to be obscured and you may not see a vehicle or pedestrian in your path.

In the past 22 months, there were 3 accidents in which the sole cause was ice/frost/fog buildup on windshields. The ordinance that prohibits having such a vision obstruction is 12.04.177.

The best way to prevent frost and ice buildup is to do some preventive measures the night before: cover your windows with an old blanket or piece of cardboard.

We hope these tips will be useful. Safeguarding our automobiles and maintaining them properly will reduce criminal activity and keep us safe.