Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get The 411 On Road Conditions By Calling 511

Did you know that you can call 511 on your cellular phone and get route specific information for your travel plans this holiday weekend? Until this morning, I didn’t know just how much of the United States was covered by the 511 program.

You may have seen the signs along the highway that post something like, “Call 511 for travel info.” What you may not know is that over 70% of the United States participates in the 511 program. This means that if you dial 511 from your cellular phone, you can get travel information for an area that can help you make trip decisions for your route. I tried this myself and found it very easy to use. It gave me several options to check Kansas specific roadways and then provided me with the opportunity to check the surrounding states’ highways.

Before you head out on your road trip this weekend, make sure you do some basic safety checks on your vehicle such as lights, fluid levels, and tires and so on, and then call 511 to check the road conditions for your route.

Visit for more information and drive safely.