Monday, November 5, 2012

SRO’s Make Lasting Impressions

Officer Kenneth Braden
 With the school year now well under way our School Resource Officers (SROs) have been thinking back about all the students they have influenced and I want to share two examples of this with you.

Both examples are from Officer Kenneth Braden, a 22-year veteran of the police department and a long-time SRO at Blue Valley High School.

The first example is from a 2003 graduate of Blue Valley High School. After graduating, the student joined the United States Marine Corps. When he ended his active military service in 2011 the veteran was hired as a sheriff’s deputy with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. The new deputy chose Officer Braden to pin on his badge since he considered Officer Braden a mentor.

The second example is from another graduate of Blue Valley High School. This student, who graduated several years ago, wrote a thank-you note to Officer Braden for showing hope and faith as she struggled with her grades. This student went to college where she was on the Dean’s list and is pursing a teaching career. The student wrote that Officer Braden gave her confidence and faith when others in her life did not.

These are just two examples of the extraordinary impact our SROs have on the lives of their students. They also are an example of one of three roles an SRO has (a law enforcement officer, a counselor, and a teacher). While each role can have a positive impact on students, Officer Braden discovered the counselor role can be the most rewarding.

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