Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Team Work Results in Three Arrests for Burglary

Back in March of this year, we shared with you the acquisition of a new radio which greatly enhanced our ability to communicate with other agencies in a timely matter.

With the use of these new radios, officers from area agencies can monitor calls happening in real time throughout Johnson County. This is especially important when you have so many cities that border each other in the area. Yesterday was a good example of the effectiveness of this new radio system.

A female resident was driving down the street to her home when she noticed a vehicle backed into her driveway. She also observed three males, whom she didn’t recognize, loading a TV into their trunk. When she pulled up in front of her house they had a surprised look on their faces and jumped into their car. They drove through the grass to get around the homeowner’s vehicle and took off down the street. The victim was able to get a good description of the vehicle and the occupants to relay to police. Information to be on the lookout for the vehicle was broadcast via the radio and our mobile messaging systems to other agencies.

Officers in Shawnee were monitoring the radio and also saw the mobile messages regarding our suspect vehicle. A short time later they located our suspect vehicle and were able to make a stop on it. The subsequent investigation revealed that these were the suspects from the residential burglary.

The two adults involved were arrested and transported to the Johnson County Jail, and the juvenile was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. All three suspects are awaiting formal charges in District Court.

This case is a great example of how good communication between agencies can be very beneficial, especially when time is of the essence. It is also a testament to the victim’s ability to process crucial information accurately during a stressful situation and to relay that information to the police.