Monday, December 17, 2012

Anti-Fraud and Theft Initiative Update: Oak Park Mall

Since October 5th, Overland Park Police Detectives have been working at Oak Park Mall as part of our annual Anti-Fraud and Theft Initiative. Detectives assigned to the mall during this time period work undercover, as well as several who serve as a uniformed presence.

Over the weekend (Friday, 12/14 through Sunday, 12/16), there were fourteen arrests made on mall property, with the majority of them involving shoplifters. Of the fifteen arrested, seven were charged with felonies.

In order to be charged with a felony, a suspect would have to have stolen merchandise valued over $1000, or shoplifted from three or more stores within a 72 hour period. An arrest for shoplifting can also be elevated to a felony if the person has two or more prior theft convictions.

There have been a total of 121 arrests during this initiative since October 5th. That number is expected to get higher as we get closer to the holidays.