Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Citizen’s Police Academy Graduate Practices Crime Prevention Tip Learned During Class

Late one Saturday evening in October, a recent graduate of our Citizen’s Police Academy had a chance to put to use a crime prevention tip she learned from Crime Prevention Officer Bill Koehn.

The citizen heard her doorbell ring but since it was dark outside she did not feel the need to answer the door or look outside. Thinking back to a presentation on residential security, the citizen remembered videos of a door being kicked in and remarks from Officer Koehn that burglars usually knock on a door or ring a doorbell to see if anyone is home.

The citizen then flipped on the outdoor light to show a potential burglar the home was occupied and asked, “Who’s there?” She looked out the peep hole to see if anyone was around. Seeing nobody outside, the citizen still watched and waited a few minutes until she was sure nobody was outside.

This event also prompted the citizen to review her own residential security features and is preparing to install a more secure jamb brace to her door. If you are unable to participate in our Citizen’s Police Academy, there is another way to procure crime prevention information to secure your home.

Residential security surveys are free to Overland Park residents. During the residential security survey, Officer Koehn can show a video of common burglary methods and how simple preventive measures can diminish the chances of a crime occurring to you. Many homeowners are amazed and entertained by the presentation but, more importantly, receive valuable education regarding residential safety.

To schedule your residential security survey, please contact Officer Koehn at 913-327-6945 or use “OPCARES” on the city’s website