Wednesday, December 26, 2012

“Wait a Second – You’re not Santa Claus”

Just before midnight on Christmas Eve, a resident came home to his apartment after being out for the evening and found an unexpected visitor who was still inside. It definitely wasn’t someone in a red suit and a long white beard bringing Christmas cheer, but instead it was a thief wanting to take his stuff.

Upon entering the apartment, the resident observed that the rear sliding glass door was open and items were thrown around everywhere in the apartment. As he stood there in disbelief, he saw a white male wearing a dark jacket and blue jeans run from one room and down the hallway into another. The resident chased the suspect who then proceeded to jump head-first out the bedroom window.

The suspect got away, but not before the victim was able to get a good description of the burglar and relay that information to the responding officers.

While the officers on scene were canvassing the area for the suspect, police dispatch received a call from a nearby resident who advised someone was repeatedly pounding on their door asking for help. The description of the person matched the suspect who had just fled from the victim’s apartment.

The man was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Johnson County Jail to await formal charges from the District Attorney’s Office on aggravated burglary.