Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 By the Numbers: Total Accidents

Earlier this week we published the top 20 High Accident Locations (HALS) for the year 2012. Today, we wanted to expand a little on that list and give you the total accident statistics for 2012.

In looking at the list of HALS earlier this week, you noticed that all but two of them decreased, which is obviously something we’re very happy with. Since the list of twenty showed significant decreases over the year, does that mean overall accidents were down as well?

Looking at the graph above, you could definitely surmise that 2012 was an improvement compared to 2011. What factors caused this?  Several things did really, from the weather to enforcement/education - and possibly a little luck mixed in there, as well.

When the word “enforcement” is mentioned, it’s natural to assume this means a drastic increase in the number of citations written in order to get the results above, but that certainly wasn’t the case for 2012. Hazardous citations increased by only 376 tickets (2%), while non-hazardous citations fell 14% as compared to 2011.

The goal of our enforcement/education activity is to save lives by keeping the roadways safe for all those who travel upon them. The overall mission of our enforcement efforts is to try to change driver behavior.