Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Little Lost Lamb

Regardless of our religious beliefs or non-beliefs, most all of us have heard the parable of the lost lamb and how the good shepherd went to extraordinary measures to find and protect that one lone animal.  Most of us have heard it because it is a great story of loyalty, dedication and the importance we place on every one of our flock.
This morning the community awoke to the modern day example of the good shepherd and the lost lamb.  A missing three year old had wandered away from his apartment and the protective shepherds of our time, the police, were frantically looking for one lost little boy.  Resources from neighboring communities poured into Lenexa to assist in their search which had been underway for some time.   It seemed for a moment that no matter what the resource necessary or the effort required that the community had stopped in place, dropping everything that was going on, to search for and find this one child. 
For that moment all of our other priorities were set aside.  Nothing else mattered, short of returning that child to his family.  In addition to the police, the community rallied and the neighbors came out to search, as well.  The TV stations were non-stop in their efforts to get the word out.  It was as if the whole world, for one moment, was locked together in a common purpose and a common goal.  The best part of this story is that it had a happy ending.  He was returned home, safe and sound, to the waiting arms of his mother. 
But the lesson from this story is something much different.  The lesson is the extraordinarily powerful capability of a unified community working on a common goal.  Isn’t it too bad that we can’t all come together the same way to solve all of the problems that plague us?