Friday, March 29, 2013

A Big Thank You

In yesterday’s blog I called attention to the fact that a very deserving local advocacy was in need of support with some day-to-day items listed on their Urgent Need list.  I have been heartened by the response and have observed that people in this community rally to do the right thing.  I was very surprised, however, when I got a couple inquiries asking me if this meant that SAFEHOME was somehow financially unstable and I want to ensure everyone that that is absolutely not the case.
SAFEHOME has always been a well-managed organization in all aspects, including financially.  But make no mistake, funding an organization through reliance on other’s generosity is always an ebb and flow challenge.  In addition, the giant need and the limited resources create a constant balancing act for delivery of service.  I asked folks to go to the Urgent Need list and donate items from that this list and am pleased that people are doing so and hope that others will continue to do so.  Please understand that items placed on this list for donations free up other operating funds.  By helping to manage through donations, the agency is able to stretch their dollars to fulfill their significant needs.
Thanks again.  Your generosity confirms what I have always believed to be true, that this community takes care to help one another.