Thursday, March 28, 2013

Save the Women and Children First

The phrase “women and children first” was, in the beginning, a maritime rule established by the British for handling disasters at sea.  It became part of the worldwide lexicon with the sinking of the Titanic where the inadequate number of lifeboats forced the decision of who would be saved, primarily women and children first.  This was more than a maritime rule; it was a statement by our society that the most vulnerable should be protected by the strong and capable. 
So today we find ourselves with one of those situations right here in Johnson County.  The Johnson County SAFEHOME provides essential services to the victims of domestic violence.  Without a doubt, these women and children are among the most vulnerable in our society.  Imagine for a moment leaving what should be the safest place for you, your home, often in the middle of the night with virtually nothing save the clothes on your back and doing so to escape from one of the persons you had trusted the most.  People who had once had resources and options and confidence now are forced to live in hiding often without the basic things we take for granted.  SAFEHOME provides safety, security and a little comfort while their shattered lives are repaired and put back into perspective. 
Now SAFEHOME is in trouble.  They are finding it increasingly difficult to provide even the basics of care for the victims of domestic violence.  So much so that they have requested assistance through our COPPS unit in obtaining the kind of basic things that we take for granted.
 Imagine again for a moment trying to move on with your life in the arms of strangers and having to deal with a limited amount of diapers for your children, personal hygiene aids for yourself, a lack of sleepwear, shoes, and even toilet paper.  When you think about it, this added degradation on top of obvious abuse is almost too difficult for us to contemplate.
 In a community such as ours, where help has always been a call away, it is essential that we aid this organization in providing some of the basics for victims of abuse.  Consequently, I have asked the members of our police department to step up and to provide both monetary and material aid to help remedy this obvious need.  I have confidence that they will do just that, but I am concerned that will not be enough.  I am asking those of you who are reading this blog to step forward, as well, by clicking on the link below to donate to this worthy cause.  If you prefer to donate a material item, please feel free to drop off your donation to our W. Jack Sanders Station (12400 Foster St.) between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, and we will ensure your donation is received by SAFEHOME.
It is a Midwest tradition left over from our pioneer forefathers that we watch out for and help our neighbors in need.  I am hoping that we can count on that spirit of generosity during this difficult period of time for SAFEHOME.