Friday, March 22, 2013

Sometimes It’s Worth Taking a Chance

Elizabeth Kindscher wasn’t sure what to expect when she made her phone call to my office.  She spoke with my assistant, LaVon.  She explained she was studying criminal justice at Rockhurst and that to graduate she was required to complete an internship.  Elizabeth knew Kansas City, Missouri Police Department had an intern program, but she was interested in Overland Park.  She did not know if Overland Park had an intern program, but thought, what’s the harm in asking.  No harm in asking at all, and you might like the answer you get.  Right, Elizabeth?

The police department does have an internship program.  This is an unpaid internship and usually begins in early June and continues through mid-August.  We do, on occasion, take on an internship during the school year.

During her internship Elizabeth helped with the In Defense Of Our Schools project, did ride-a-longs, shadowed personnel in Police Administration, Dispatch, Investigations, and the Crime Analysis Unit.  She said she found it interesting to learn how the department works and gained a better understanding of how police calls are handled.

Today Elizabeth completes her internship with the police department.  But she won’t be turning in her ID card just yet.  Elizabeth said she enjoyed working with the department so much that she will be volunteering in the Crime Analysis Unit.

Elizabeth has plans to apply to the police department to be a police officer.  Until then she’ll keep her foot in the door by volunteering.  And to think, it all started with a phone call.