Friday, April 19, 2013

Sure Hate to Break Down Here

Stuck on the side of the road or, worse, in a lane of traffic and your car won’t go?  Chances are you’ve either been there or know someone who has.  In that moment, the stranded motorists probably has many emotions.  Helplessness surely tops the list of emotions.  There might be some embarrassment, too, that they are struck and unable to move their car.  They could be afraid of being struck by a passing vehicle, or just afraid of being struck in a strange place.  And there is always the anxiety regarding any type of repair to the vehicle.  Other people might be honking impatiently.  There might even be a child, or children, in the car screaming or crying to add to the stress.  Just when they are on the verge of a break down themselves, there’s a light in the rear window.  It’s the motorist assist unit.

Motorist assist officers provide roadside assistance to stranded motorists.  They are prepared to help change a flat tire, jump start a vehicle, call for a tow truck, provide coolant for an overheating vehicle or maybe even a little gas to get you to the next gas station.  Stranded motorists aren’t the only ones who are thankful for the motorist assist unit;  the police officers are equally grateful.  See, a motorist assist call can last for an extended period of time, and for every call the motorist assist officer handles, that frees up a police officer to handle other calls for service.

The motorist assist officers do so much to help the department.  In addition to helping with stranded motorists, they provide traffic control at accidents scenes and other emergency events. They also help with crossing guard duties and parking enforcement. Every one of them is a jack-of-all-trades and important to the department.

Now, if all this sounds like an interesting way to earn a paycheck, then there’s good news for you.  The police department currently has three openings for the motorist assist unit.  For all the details go to and maybe you might be the one coming to the rescue.