Friday, May 3, 2013

All Things Noisy and Loud – Part 1

Yes, it’s even colder today than it was yesterday but, just wait, it will warm up again soon.  And with the warmer weather, people will likely be leaving their windows open to enjoy some fresh air.  This usually brings an increase in noise complaints of various types.  Today we thought it would be a good opportunity to cover the noise complaints related to motor vehicles.

When it comes to all things noisy and loud in the motor vehicle category, there are four main types of complaints: the loud stereo, the non-working muffler system, the lead- footed speed racer who revs the engine, and the semi-truck driver who use “Jake-Brake” or compression released engine braking system.  Each of these has an Overland Park ordinance that regulates the noise they cause.

The loud stereo ordinance references “sound amplification devices or similar equipment” being “plainly audible” at a distance of at least “50 feet”.  In short, that means a radio, television, stereo, sound amplifier and so on, that is capable of being heard from at least 50 feet away.

 It’s not necessary to be able to make out the words of a song. The loud bass is enough by itself.  How far is 50 feet?  Well, the average car length is about 18 feet, so 3 car lengths or so is a good reference.  The non-working muffler system (or loud motorcycle) states that vehicles shall be equipped, maintained and operated so as to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

Exhibition of acceleration (the speed racer) talks about loud engine noise at the time of acceleration, which is often accompanied by a street racing complaint.  Those trucks that sound like they’re revving their engines as they’re slowing down are the “jake-brake” violations and they are prohibited everywhere in the city of Overland Park.

So now you know that you can’t street race your semi-truck with a non-working muffler system while listening to your loud stereo and then use the jake-brake to slow down. 

Enjoy that warmer weather when it returns!