Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have a Houdini in Your Home?

Have you ever thought about the difficulty in preventing kids from wandering out?  We’re referring to cases such as the 3 year old boy from Lenexa who went for a midnight walk a few months ago.  Unfortunately, those cases happen from time to time and in an attempt to keep them from happening too often, or having a very bad ending, we wanted to get you thinking about how to avoid being involved in such a call.

For the most part, there are two different ways of looking at a solution.  One is to keep the child from getting out in the first place.  For those who find this to be an option, there are a lot of different types of security products meant for just this purpose.  Everything from a basic hook and eye set up or security chain, to door knob covers or lock covers.  Most are fairly inexpensive and require little to no effort to install, but an observant and persistant child may trump this type of device anyway.

Another option is an alarm or warning device on doors.  If your home is already equiped with an alarm system, whether monitored or not, there is likely a function that will allow you to set a “chime” alert to let you know if the door is opened.  If you do not have an alarm system, a battery operated door/window alarm is also an option.  These are usually inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use.  We found some priced online as low as $11.99 for a two pack.  Don’t want to use an alarm?  How about some bells hung by the door?

Weigh out the options available to you.  One hazard you may have to consider regarding child proofing a door, or preventing a child from opening it, is what to do in the event of a fire.  When it comes to fire topics you should always consider fire safty.  The fire department agrees, your solution must be a decision that works for your family and whatever is best suited for your household.  The fire department has a goal of getting people out, the police department is usually working under the mindset of keeping people from getting in, but everyone wants the children to be safe, so the solution must work for you.

Hopefully this gives you an idea or two to consider for your toddler.  And, in a few years, you can do it all again when they are teenagers.