Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Katy Bar The Door – Or At Least Close It

There were 57 in 2010, 68 in 2011, 70 in 2012, and 6 already this year.  What are we talking about?  Only one of easiest crimes to prevent.  Open garage door burglaries.

People have different reasons for leaving the garage doors open.  They like the convenience of being able to quickly access lawn care items or want to allow children to get their bikes and toys.  However, that convenience for you is equally convenient for others.  It only takes a moment for an uninvited individual to step into your garage and have access to anything inside of it.  Think of all the things in your garage, or in your unlocked car in your garage, that can be easily picked up and gone while you are in the backyard.

We typically see an increase of open garage door burglary reports with the warmer months.  Some of these are reports about incidents that happen during the day time hours, but a larger number of these types of calls occur during the overnight hours when someone forgot to close the door before going to bed.  These overnight crimes happen while victims are usually fast asleep and without a clue that someone is rummaging through their garage.

Officers who see open garage doors, especially those seen overnight, regularly attempt to make contact with residents about the open doors.  To avoid your own late night wake up call, remember to close those doors.