Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Honor Guard

The police department has several specialized units.  Each is very important in its own right and made up of highly trained officers.  While they are all to be respected for the technical skills required for the jobs they do, none is quite as prestigious as the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard has two sergeants and a 12-member team made up of officers and detectives throughout the department.  They are tasked with presenting the colors (flags) at events such as parades and opening ceremonies of various kinds.  They are also present at funeral services and stand watch on casket guards and graveside services.

To prepare for such events, the Honor Guard members practice marching, rifle drill, posting of the colors and flag folding and presentation.  In addition to the special events and practice required, the members of this team must handle all of their normal duties within the department.

The Honor Guard lives up to its name.  They are recognized as one of the most distinguished units within the department and display a dedication of excellence to the profession. Their precision of movement and impeccable uniforms are truly impressive.