Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four People Forced to Find a Ride Home on Wednesday

Four people had to unexpectedly find a way home on Wednesday afternoon after someone stole the catalytic converters from under their vehicles while they were parked in the Overland Park Convention Center lot.

The thefts occurred during the daytime hours sometime after 8:00am when the owners had parked their vehicles in the lot.  They came back out to their cars later that afternoon and could see what was left of their vehicle’s exhaust system hanging below it making it obvious something was wrong.

A catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system of your vehicle. Thieves know that catalytic converters contain the precious metal “platinum”, which can be sold for quick cash.  While local scrap yards are doing a better job about requiring documentation from those trying to sell these items, there are still some out there finding a way to beat the system.

Unfortunately, catalytic converter thefts are documented nationwide. A thief can remove a catalytic converter from under a vehicle in as little as two minutes. Some of the most commonly hit vehicles are Chevy Cavaliers, Pontiac Grand Prix’s, Oldsmobile Aleros, and Pontiac Sunfires.
This is a metro-wide problem and involves many suspects. The Overland Park Police Department is asking for the public’s help in catching theses thieves. Please call us if you saw any suspicious vehicles or people hanging out in parking lot that day.