Friday, June 21, 2013

Help Us Catch a Catalytic Converter Thief

In the pictures below you’ll see an ordinary white long bed Chevy pickup truck. The driver of that vehicle, or possibly the owner, has been involved in several catalytic converter thefts in Overland Park and we are asking for your assistance in apprehending him.

These photos were taken from a surveillance camera at the Indian Creek Technical School off of W. 103rd Street. This theft occurred on Saturday June 8th, but, unfortunately, this was the third time that particular location had been hit this year.

While we understand there’s a ton of vehicles out there that are the same make, model and color of the truck in these photos, we hope this one will stand out to someone.  It is likely to have a bunch of scrap metal piled up in the bed. Give us a call if you have any information and we’ll look into it. The Shawnee Mission School District and your fellow taxpayers will thank you for your help.