Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marco Polo

All of us have either played the water game “Marco-Polo” or have been lounging around a pool and heard the constant echo of the two words. It’s an innocent ritual of summer, unlike some of the “games” older kids tend to engage in on hot, muggy nights---trespassing at both city and privately owned pools.

We respond on these calls because not only are they criminal offenses, but they are a safety concern.  Many times we arrive and find the party goers are juveniles and, more often than not, alcohol is involved.  Juveniles and alcohol are not a good combination, but if you add the element of water to the mix, a night of fun can quickly turn tragic. A past blog told the story of a young rebel who impaled herself on a wrought iron fence as she attempted to participate in a late night swim and swimming drunk is an unnecessary drowning risk. 

 Besides the danger of personal injury, midnight pool parties often get out of hand and costly property damage occurs. Patio furniture is frequently tossed into the pools and bathroom fixtures are destroyed.  Please remember that jumping the fence of a closed pool is illegal and criminal trespass carries with it potential legal ramifications.