Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Move It On Down the Road

The area of 151st Street and Hardy kept officers busy on Saturday.  In a short time there were 3 separate accidents, all related to each other, that resulted in minor injuries to one party and a total of seven vehicles damaged.  This provides us with an opportunity to remind drivers of the “Move It” laws in Overland Park.

Several years ago, Overland Park adopted the “Move It concept.  In short, the law states that if your vehicle is drivable and you are capable of moving your vehicle, you are required to move it from the main thoroughfares and highways.  Most people believe the officers must see the final resting location of the vehicles before they can be moved.  The reality is the final rest becomes important in severe crashes, not the simple fender bender crashes we see most often, and to leave your vehicle in the middle of a lane of traffic is just not safe.

We can give you several tragic and well-known examples of where the secondary incident was worse than the original incident, as well as one that is a little closer to home for us.  An Overland Park officer was injured a few years ago while working an accident on southbound 69 Highway. On September 21st of last year, a MODOT employee was killed while working an accident scene on I-70 and, in May of 2003, Trooper Michael Newton was killed in a secondary incident while stopped on the shoulder area of I-70.

No one wants to be involved in an accident but if you are, for your safety and the safety of others, move your vehicles off the thoroughfares or highways.  There are safer places to discuss the details of insurance and the officers’ response times are usually faster if they aren’t stuck in the long line of traffic the accident has caused.