Monday, June 17, 2013

Staying Alive

The Overland Park Fire Department trains Overland Park Police officers regularly on CPR and other first responder type immediate medical treatments.  They instruct us to use the beat of the popular BeeGees song “Staying Alive” to keep time for chest compressions.

Staying Alive must have been what was running through Officer A. Jacobson’s and Officer D. Brown’s minds when they responded to the call of an unconscious subject back on December 12, 2012, because that unconscious, non-breathing subject did just that--- stayed alive. On that day, the beat was able to beat death.

The call started as an unconscious person who fell in an office building.  When Officer Jacobson first arrived, she quickly learned the male in question was not breathing.  She ran up the stairs where she found the unconscious male and some of his co-workers attempting CPR. 

Officer Jacobson took over the CPR rescue efforts.  During her efforts, Officer Brown and paramedics arrived.  Officer Brown assisted paramedics with retrieving necessary equipment from the ambulance.  The male was eventually transported to the hospital.  It wasn’t until several weeks later that Officer Jacobson learned the life saving efforts were not in vain.  The male survived the incident.

Last Wednesday, June 12th, Officer Jacobson, Officer Brown and the paramedics who responded on the call were recognized by the employer and co-workers for the successful resuscitation of the cardiac arrest patient.  Staying Alive was more than a song that day, it was a goal.

Officer A. Jacobson and Officer D. Brown