Monday, July 22, 2013

Answering the What and How

Tragedy’s at schools leave many of us asking why.  Instead of asking why and dwelling on that why, we decided to ask what and how.  What do we do to keep it from happening at all?  How do we keep them safe?

Today several representatives from agencies and school districts across Johnson and Miami Counties joined together for In Defense of our Schools Project summit.  This is a project that started shortly after the Newtown school shooting.  We all came together to gather answers for what and how.

The project developed strategies for identifying both internal and external threats to our schools, advance planning, securing facility perimeters, and last resort measures.  The end goal is to provide tools to avoid tragic events taking place at our schools.  To keep our children safe.

The children are our futures.  The time and dedication devoted to this project is only the beginning, but these first steps and the hours it took to put together this information was well worth it.