Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot Pizza and a Hot Car

His back was only turned for a moment. He hadn’t even gotten to the door yet. But that’s all the time it took for one pizza delivery driver’s car to be stolen.

Around 7:45 pm on July 6th the pizza delivery driver stopped in the 8400 block of Farley to make a delivery. He parked his 2001 Nissan in front of the address and started walking to the door with pizza in hand. The temptation of his running and unlocked vehicle was apparently just too much for two thieves to resist because they were in the running vehicle and driving away before the driver was able to deliver his tasty goodies.

Vehicles left running are an easy target. We see an increase of these when the weather turns cold and residents leave their cars unattended while they warm up, but don’t think for a moment it can’t happen in the middle of the summer. This is a crime of opportunity just like many others. Eliminate the opportunity and you reduce your risk of being a victim. The delivery driver is supposed to get the tip, but we’re betting he’s probably willing to echo this tip about leaving your car running and unattended.