Monday, July 29, 2013

Now You Know

Auto burglaries are a problem that can and do happen just about anywhere.  We try to remind people regularly not to leave things in their vehicles when they are out shopping, working out at the gym, traveling, or parking their cars overnight.  Now we have a new area for you to be aware of-- parks.

In the past three months there has been an increase of auto burglaries at local parks, a total of seven as of the end of last week.  Most of these incidents have occurred on weekdays and in the early morning hours.  The targeted items in these cases are no different than any other auto burglary.  They include purses, wallets, credit cards and cash.  Some of the vehicles entered were unlocked vehicles while others were broken windows.

Obviously carrying a purse or other valuables with you might not be exactly the way you picture a walk in the park, or maybe entertaining the kids on the playground.  Whenever possible, it’s better to just leave these things at home and carry only the necessities--your identification, phone and keys maybe.  If you don’t leave them at home, out of sight out of mind is better than nothing, but putting them out of sight out of mind while you are in the presence of others watching completely defeats the purpose.

Now you know, and like GI Joe used to say, “And knowing is half the battle.”