Thursday, July 25, 2013

One For the Good Guys

We send out regular reminders to warn people about scams. We also send out regular reminders to be vigilant about looking out for our aging community so that they do not fall victims to scams. Past blogs such as When the Golden Years Don't Glitter address these in more details. It’s disappointing to respond to calls where someone has lost a large sum of money, especially when that person is someone in our aging community that lives on a very fixed income and relies heavily on their savings.

Yesterday, could have been another one of these calls, but we got to chalk one up for the good guys. Officers responded to follow up on a call that originally came in from a concerned bank employee. The employee said one of their customers came in and withdrew a large sum of money saying she was sending it on to a company that told her she won 7 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz. All she had to do was send this money to the company so she could claim her prize. The bank employee recognized it as a scam and tried to warn the customer, but until the customer heard it from police, she was set on getting her winnings.  The scammers were that convincing.

Thanks to an alert bank employee who did the right thing, this resident wasn't a victim. Great job!!