Friday, July 5, 2013

Quite Day But For a Few Fireworks

Did you have a good day yesterday?  The weather was perfect and it seemed most of the citizens were in good spirits.  In all, Overland Park officers responded to a total of 237 calls for service between about 7 am on July 4th and about 3 am on July 5th.  77 of those calls were for fireworks, with the last fireworks complaint being called in at 2:50 am on July 5th.  We had no reports of any injuries due to fireworks.  Only 21 calls for service during this time frame were reports of disturbances, thefts, alcohol or drugs, or other types of misdemeanor crimes.  The remaining calls for service were made up of traffic complaints, noise complaints, alarms, animal complaints, civil matters or other types of informational and assistance type calls.

It would seem most people generally enjoyed the day and each other’s company, which is not only nice for the public, but nice for law enforcement too.  Whether you have to work today or if you are one of the many that took an additional day off, we hope the rest of your holiday weekend is a pleasant one.